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Mission and Vision

VisionQuest Mimes Preforming in Lawless Memorial Chaple

VisionQuest Mimes Preforming in Lawless Memorial Chapel

Dillard University's mission is to produce graduates who excel, become world leaders, are broadly educated, culturally aware, and concerned with improving the human condition. Through a highly personalized and learning-centered approach, Dillard's students are able to meet the competitive demands of a diverse, global and technologically advanced society.


Dillard University’s Strategic Pillars

  1. Dillard University will be a premier private undergraduate university in the region and in the world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  2. Dillard University will expand selectively into graduate studies, building on its best programs that represent future projections of workforce needs.
  3. Dillard University will increase and enhance its commitment to and production of quality, useful research.
  4. Dillard University will infuse globalization into its curriculum so that it expands its reach to other languages, cultures and countries.
  5. Dillard University will demonstrate commitment to all students’ success.
  6. Dillard University will develop student leadership training and enriched educational opportunities outside of the classroom to offer a balanced environment as part of the college experience.
  7. Dillard University will continue to attract and graduate talented African American students, while welcoming those from a diverse background who can benefit from the unique experience we offer.
  8. Dillard University will demonstrate commitment to technology as subject matter, a teaching tool and the underpinnings of internal systems that are efficient, reliable and cost-effective.
  9. Dillard University will show fiscal integrity, with systems of financial and professional accountability and stability.
  10. Dillard University will be engaged in the revitalization of its home, New Orleans.
  11. Dillard University will develop and promulgate practices relative to the greening of its campus and the promotion of environmental sustainability.
  12. Dillard University will develop a Gulf Coast Public Policy Center.


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