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What is Our DEAL ?


Distance Education for Authentic Learning (DEAL)

DEAL's Mission


DEAL will engage, empower, and inspire global learners by re-imagining and redefining curriculum to enact positive change and meet the competitive demands of a 21st century society. DEAL courses and programs will support student success by employing on demand, technology-integrated, real-world relevant teaching and learning not constrained to brick and mortar classrooms.


What is Authentic Learning?

What is DEALtrademark logo?

Dillard University's DEAL program includes both hybrid and fully online courses. 

DEAL. Courses can be found using the Course Search tool found in the Guest tab in on myDU.  Use the "method" filter and search for either "online" or "hybrid."


Current semesters

Fall 2019 DEAL - hybrid sections - edit Method Filter in myDU to HYBRID

Fall 2019 DEAL - online sections - edit Method Filter in myDU to ONLINE


Previous semesters

Summer 2019 DEAL - hybrid sections - edit Method Filter in myDU to HYBRID

Summer 2019 DEAL - online sections - edit Method Filter in myDU to ONLINE



Hybrid: Hybrid classes at Dillard University combine traditional classroom instruction with a significant amount (33% - 75%) of instruction delivered through instructional technology.  Hybrid courses meet approximately half of the time in a traditional face-to-face environment with the remainder of the course presentation, interaction, activities, and exercises delivered through various electronic means online.


Online: Online classes at Dillard University have the bulk of the material delivered online using the Canvas Learning Management System.  Face-to-face sessions are discouraged but acceptable up to 5% of instructional time (maximum of two 1 hour meetings during a long semester).  Proctored exams are allowed.  All required meeting days, times, and locations should be included in the class description in the course schedule so students and advisers are aware of this requirement prior to registration.


$50 for an online and $30 for a hybrid course enrollment. DEAL students do not pay extra for quiz or exam proctoring. 


Student Readiness: Canvas LMS Basics and eLearning Readiness Certification

Students must show their competence and familiarity with our Learning Management System.  Students who wish to enroll in a hybrid or online course must have a passing grade in DEAL 101, which is earned by completing our Canvas Onboarding and eLearning Readiness Course (2017+) or Blackboard Learn Onboarding and Student Readiness for eLearning Course (2013 - 2016). As a courtesy, our Canvas Onboarding and eLearning Readiness Course is made available to new students as soon as they clear the registration process and it is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  

Student Readiness: Distance Education for Authentic Learning

Students should determine if they are ready to succeed in a hybrid or online course.  Take one or all of these quick self-assessments: The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services "Are You Ready for Online Learning?," The Pennsylvania State University Online Readiness Assessment, and others recommended by MERLOT in their Student Readiness assessment tools collection.  The Louisiana Online SmarterMeasure Instrument is highly recommended.  The instrument linked below was the result of the "Assessing Readiness for E-Learning" research study that addressed the issue that demonstrated success in a traditional classroom is not predictor of success in an online course. Click here to learn more about Skills for Effective Online Learning and complete a self-assessment (Erskin Theological Seminary). 

Student Support:    

Students needing assistance with this onboarding requirement can contact their DEAL Support Team Coaches at:



email Deal Support directly at  mailto:


@The DEAL Center is open on weekdays and Saturday mornings to assist students with Onboarding and eLearning Readiness requirements, and all academic technology needs, such as using Google Apps, Respondus, Unicheck and VoiceThread.  Hours vary by semester. It is located in 220 of the Library.


FERPA and Student Privacy in Distance Education 

Procedures for Protecting Student Privacy in Distance Education Courses

Qualified Faculty:


All Faculty teaching in the DEAL program are competent to build, communicate and assess learners using our learning management system.  All DEAL faculty have earned Quality Matters (QM) Applying the Quality Matters Rubric certification and are proficient to design high quality courses aligned with the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric Standards.  DEAL faculty design and deliver high quality courses that result in authentic learning outcomes.  DU currently has 37 QM Standards trained and certified DEAL faculty members. Dillard University is a member of the Online Learning Consortium and the United States Distance Learning Association and DEAL faculty are continually involved in professional development. Quality Matters logo


Professional Development Timeline for current faculty interested in joining the DEAL eFaculty

Policies and Guidelines for DU Online and Hybrid Courses

RN to BSN Program - A blended program





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