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Admissions Requirement

Dillard University admits applicants who possess high standards of scholarship, serious and realistic educational goals, potential for service and leadership, and the personal characteristics of honesty, loyalty and self-respect. The university does not make any distinction as to religion, race, or gender in the admission of its students.


Minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale

18 ACT composite score or an 870 SAT (math and critical reading sections only)

2 letters of recommendation

Personal statement

Application fee of $36.00

How to Submit an Application for Admission

There are three ways to apply for admission to Dillard University.

  1. Apply online.
  2. Print a PDF copy of this form.
  3. 3.Request a printed application via postal mail at the address listed below or call (504) 816-4670 or

Contact the admissions office at:

Dillard University
Office of Admissions
2601 Gentilly Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70122
(504) 816-4670 Phone
(800) 216-6637 Phone (Toll Free)
(504) 816-4895 Fax

We strongly recommend that all applicants schedule a visit so that they can tour our facilities, meet current students and faculty, and discuss their enrollment plans with our admissions team. Click here to learn more about our campus visitation opportunities.

The completed application should be returned to the admissions office before June 1 for Fall semester enrollment of that calendar year, or December 1 for Spring semester enrollment in the following calendar year. Under certain circumstances, later applications will be considered. An application fee should accompany the application for admission. This fee is non- refundable. The application fees are as follows:

  • Freshmen and transfer applicants: $36.00
  • International applicants: $55.00
  • Re-admit applicants: $25.00

Notification of Admission


Dillard University operates on a rolling admission basis and applications are reviewed throughout the year. Applicants will be notified in writing of the admissions decision as early as possible after the receipt of all required credentials and prior to the start of the semester.


Applicants should not present themselves for registration without having received written notification of acceptance. If you have applied and have not yet received notification of your acceptance to Dillard University, please call the admissions office at (504) 816-4670.


Evaluation of Academic Coursework of Applicants


First-Year Students (entering directly from high school or enrolling in college for the first time)


Applicants for admission must submit official school transcripts from an accredited secondary school. The Office of Admissions will calculate grades earned in academic and elective courses.


A preliminary high school transcript for evaluation should be submitted to the Office of Admissions for evaluation prior to the end of the senior year in high school. A final high school transcript should be sent prior to enrollment indicating satisfactory completion of the following coursework:

  • English: 4 Units
  • Mathematics: 3 Units (to include Algebra I, II, and Geometry)
  • Natural Sciences: 3 Units (including laboratory components)
  • Social Studies: 3 Units
  • Academic Electives: 6 Units (World Language desired but not required)

First-year students under the age of 23 are also required to submit:

  1. 1.Results of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT) program examination. Applicants must also submit results of the SAT or ACT writing component.
  2. 2.Recommendations from a high school counselor and a high school teacher

GED Applicants


Those students with a General Education Diploma (GED) must submit test scores. A minimum score of 450 is required.


Advanced Placement Credit


Courses which have been identified by the high school as honors, advanced placement, accelerated, gifted, talented, or International Baccalaureate, will be evaluated on a 5-point scale. A minimum grade of “C” or above is required to earn the additional quality point. The results of Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate examination subject areas must be submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to enrollment.


Concurrent Enrollment Credit


Applicants who have participated in “concurrent enrollment” programs while in high school may transfer credit hours to Dillard. A grade of “C” or above is acceptable for transfer consideration. An official transcript from the college or university must be sent to the Office of Admissions.


Entrance Examinations


All first-year applicants are required to submit scores from a standardized entrance examination to support the academic information supplied by the secondary school. Dillard accepts scores from either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT). Students seeking early admission should take the test no later than April of their junior year in high school.


Detailed information concerning procedures to follow and time and place to take these tests can be obtained from the high school counselor or by calling or e-mailing the Dillard University Office of Admissions at (504) 816-4670 or


Early Admission


Students of exceptional promise may be considered for admission to the university after completion of the eleventh grade. These applicants must demonstrate high academic promise evidenced by high school grades and their scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and/or American College Testing Program (ACT). Specifically, these students must have attained a grade point average of B+ or better in the first six semesters of high school and a score of 1030 (combined) on the SAT, or 22 Composite on the ACT.


In addition to the academic criteria cited above, Dillard University must also be satisfied that each Early Admission candidate is socially mature and emotionally ready for the college experience. Recommendations are required from the counselor, and a teacher. These students must satisfy the minimum high school unit requirements as outlined above.


Transfer Applicants (students who have been enrolled at another college or university on a part-time or full-time basis, not including concurrently enrolled high school students)


Dillard University evaluates the transcripts of transfer applicants in accordance with its own courses of study and requirements for graduation. Applicants should note that the university accepts no more that sixty (60) semester hours of transfer credit. Students must complete at least three-fourths of the courses required in their fields of concentration at Dillard.


Applicants desiring to transfer to Dillard University with advanced standing must submit the following credentials to the Office of Admissions:

  1. Secondary school record or General Education Diploma (GED) score
  2. Official transcript from all institutions of collegiate rank that the student has attended
  3. Personal/Academic recommendations

Applicants may be required to submit results of either ACT or SAT.


Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing from the previous institution. Students who are under suspension from another institution are ineligible for admission to Dillard University.


Contact the Dillard University Transfer Coordinator via telephone or e-mail to facilitate a preliminary review of your transcripts at (504) 816-4670 or

International Applicants (students from countries other than the United States and its territories).


Dillard University welcomes applicants from countries outside the United States. An applicant who is not a citizen of the United States or who does not possess a permanent residential visa is considered an international applicant.

In addition to the general requirements for admission, international applicants must:

  1. Present evidence of the ability to speak, write, and adequately understand the English language. Applicants from countries where English is not the native language must submit an acceptable score of 550 or above (213 Computer-based) onTest of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Applicants who are unable to obtain a TOEFL bulletin and registration form locally should write to TOEFL, Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.
  2. Submit the results of American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
  3. If your academic credentials are from an institution outside of the United States, you are required to provide a World Education Services, Inc. (WES) course-by-course evaluation of all post-secondary credentials. It is your responsibility to provide the necessary paperwork and payment to WES, and to request a copy of the report be sent to the Office of Enrollment Management at Dillard University. We must receive the completed WES report by the appropriate admission deadline. The evaluation copy provided to Dillard University becomes an official academic record document and the sole property of the University upon receipt. WES will complete and mail your evaluation within ten business days from the day all documents are received. For an extra charge they will provide rush services for same-day and three-dayForms for evaluation by WES may be downloaded from the WES Web site at You may also request an application from WES by e-mail, or you can call, fax or write to WES. For more information on WES, please see their Web site.
  4. Applicants from Canada and the Caribbean Islands are exempt from this requirement and may submit transcripts and CXC results (if applicable) directly to the Office of Admissions.
  5. Students who have taken the Oxford/Cambridge Advanced Level Examinations and have attained passing grades (A–C) may be eligible for college credit in equivalent courses in certain subject areas as determined by the dean of the academic area.
  6. Submit proof of financial capability by having a sponsor who will accept full financial responsibility for the duration of his or her enrollment and by depositing with the university a sum that is equal to tuition, room, and board for one school year.

The I-20 Immigration Form will not be issued until the applicant has been admitted and has submitted a notarized statement of sponsorship indicating how fees will be paid to Dillard University.

It is advisable for all international applicants to apply well in advance of the expected term of enrollment to facilitate the processing of records and the issuance of the I-20 Immigration Form. In compliance with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, all international applicants must include their home address from the country of origin. All admissions information will be sent to this address, unless the applicant is presently residing in the United States.


Students should check the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Web site at for the latest information concerning becoming a student in the United States.


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