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    Loan Counseling

    Entrance Loan Counseling must be completed by new student loan borrowers at Dillard University. Loan funds will not be posted to a student account until loan counseling is completed. The purpose of the loan counseling is to explain students’ rights and responsibilities of borrowing loans. We offer loan counseling online and in person during our orientation sessions. Use the following link below to begin loan counseling: 

    Entrance Counseling for Direct Loans


    Exit Loan Counseling must be completed when students leave our institution either by withdrawing, dropping out, or graduating. Exit counseling is available online and in person during the withdrawal or graduation clearance process. Use the following link to begin the loan counseling:

    Exit Loan Counseling for Direct Loans


    Loan Repayment:    Repayment is the process of satisfying your obligation to pay back the money you borrowed to help you pay for your educational expenses.  Please visit Federal Student Aid at this hyperlink for more information: 
















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