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CPS PublicHealthSince its inception in 1979, Dillard University's baccalaureate level public health program has graduated over 800 students. The School of Public Health, housed in the College of Professional Studies, is the only such undergraduate school in the southeast region.

The mission of the School of Public Health is to prepare students for positions in health systems management, community health education and health sciences through practical experience and education. The school emphasizes service to Louisiana, while serving students from throughout the United States and across the world.

The Dillard University School of Public Health's undergraduate program in Health Systems Management (HSM), is certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

The program in Public Health includes three options:

Health Systems Management: Includes a 3/2 degree program with Louisiana State University School of Public Health

Community Health: Includes a 3/2 degree program with Louisana State University School of Public Health

Health Sciences: With Pre-Physical Therapy and Pre-Occupational Therapy


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The video describes public health in action by interviewing current public health students and professionals and asking them to describe the passion that drives their work and the impact/effect they have on the world we live in.


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