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KeenyaFour years ago I entered Dillard University, and excited as I was to start my college journey I had no idea what to expect. The moment I stepped foot on campus, I was greeted by Dillard students, faculty, staff and alumni with smiling faces and hugs. It was as if I was greeting family members I had not seen in a while. Since then, I have had nothing but love for Fair Dillard.

While this journey has not been a walk in the park, I love Dillard University because it has indeed been my avenue of opportunity. As a student I have excelled in my studies, participated in community service, joined several extracurricular activities and have made lifelong friends and memories.

As a Dillard woman I have grown intellectually, spiritually, mentally and physically. I will graduate this May, knowing that Dillard has prepared me for what’s in store.  There is no place like Dillard University; I have an ongoing love story and can’t wait to see the growth and progress of my institution.

--LA Keenya Joyner ‘14

amandaWhile everyone was looking for their perfect university to attend after high school, I knew mine all along. YES, Dillard University. Not just a place of higher learning but a place where you grew together as family, where you were known by YOUR name and not as a number. A University where faculty and staff encouraged you to utilize ALL your resources for success and even made sure you had access to them around the clock by even giving you their home or cell so there was NO excuse for failure. These professors grew to become more than just instructors but mentors and friends. Making Dillard a home you eagerly ran back to with arms wide open even after a natural disaster because no other university could possibly compare.

My family has a long heritage of supporting and advocating for Dillard. My father Arthur J. Winfield, Jr. ‘70, my mother Sondra Barquet Winfield ‘72, and sisters, Kellie Winfield, RN ’98 and Bethany Winfield, RN ‘07 all agree that Dillard University is not only one of the best liberal arts universities in the  region but also the world over.

As an accounting graduate, member of Beta Gamma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Beta Delta Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu Business Fraternity, I will forever be grateful to Dillard for being the perfect place for me.

--Amanda Winfield ‘08 


My name is Marques Reed, graduating senior with a social work major from Oakland, California.

One reason why I love Dillard University is because Dillard has helped me expand my love for giving back to the New Orleans community. I wanted to come to New Orleans to give back after Hurricane Katrina came had flooded the city. I wanted to help out as much as possible, from rebuilding houses to bringing back community parks and structures. After being accepted to Dillard University I was able to contribute and enhance the New Orleans community.

Another reason why I love Dillard University is because during my time here I was able to join many great groups and programs. One prominent group that I was accepted to be a part of was the "Community Leaders Program" under Google. Through the program, I got to work with small business owners in the New Orleans community, educating them on how to bring in more revenue and how to get up-to-date using free Google products and resources.

Dillard University has helped make me a well-rounded, African-American man.

 --Marques Reed ‘14

Duncan Otto

I am challenged but pleased to express why I love Dillard. It is very difficult to put it into a few words. My Dillard experience definitely had a very positive impact upon my maturing as an individual and in my professional life. Many universities like D. U.  profess to have the personal touch. I can truly say that this was a reality for me while I was a student. I have a lasting and vivid memory of an incident with the Dean. One day, I was called to the Dean’s office along with two of my fraternity brothers.  In the presence of our fathers, the Dean stated that we were good young men who were doing well academically and other wise.  He further stated very clearly, “however, you can do better!”  What an incentive that was.  I received a classic and valuable education at Dillard. I have always felt adequately prepared to pursue advanced academic studies and successfully engage in my career endeavors.   

I remain very connected to my alma mater more than fifty years after my graduation. I say to all of my constituents…….” I love Dillard! I give support in every way possible, from  serving as Chaplain for the Dillard University National Alumni Association to visiting campus frequently to volunteer to in the Office of Alumni Relations. Dillard can continue its mission of providing excellence in education with the support of all alumni.  It is truly an” Avenue of Opportunity”.

--Rev. Otto W. Duncan, Jr. ‘62