The Gentilly Community Dillard University

Dillard University • 2601 Gentilly Boulevard • New Orleans, Louisiana 70122 • 504.283.8822

January 18, 2011 University Convocation Lawless Chapel
noon-12: 50pm Speaker: Dr. Henry Lacey

January 31, 2011 The Revolution Will Be Televised: The Impact of Education in the African American Community
7pm-9pm Georges Auditorium Sponsored by SGA and Teach for America Click here for flyer

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From historic arts and crafts bungalows and traditional New Orleans shotguns, to cozy Swiss chalet-style cottages and modern brick ranch homes, there is something for everyone in Gentilly. Live oak, palm, magnolia and crepe myrtle trees canopy its wide streets and boulevards. One can’t walk far in Gentilly without seeing wild parrots or squirrels.

Two centuries ago Indians and French settlers populated what is now the Gentilly community. An Indian trail followed the path of US Highway 90, or the Chef Menteur Highway. In 1830, the Pontchartrain Railroad was built and the Smokey Mary train chugged back and forth along Elysian Fields, bringing New Orleans residents to Milneburg, a recreational village on Lake Pontchartrain.

Families fall in love with Gentilly and they stay in Gentilly. The Gentilly community relishes diversity. Gentilly’s myriad of neighborhoods provide a style of living for everyone. Elysian Fields road links the Gentilly neighborhood to Lake Pontchartrain, the French Quarter, and the central business district.


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