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The Importance of Alumni Participation

Why is your participation so important? Participation indicates alumni satisfaction and sends a message to the world about the quality of a Dillard University degree and our alumni success.

A true indicator of the love for and loyalty to one’s alma mater is the extent to which one is willing to support it financially. As it turns out, an institution’s alumni participate rate is a good barometer of how alumni view their alma mater.

An annual gift is an ongoing “barometer”, which shows not only how you value your degree, but also your commitment to your alma mater.

Why is this percentage so important? An institution’s alumni participation rate

  • Enhances the value of a Dillard degree.
  • Effects national rankings. External evaluators like U.S. News and World Report use participation rates when calculating rankings. Right now, Dillard’s overall alumni giving rate lags behind that of other colleges and universities like Spelman, Morehouse, Howard and Xavier.
  • Improves financial strength. Annual giving (restricted or unrestricted) is an essential resource for the university. Some corporations and foundations also require alumni participation rates in proposal requests because they believe their philanthropic or sponsored-research dollars should go to an institution with proven results.

Your Gift - of Any Size - Makes a Difference

Backed by a tradition of generosity and pride in their alma mater, Dillard alumni have the power and opportunity to increase the university participation rate this year.

  • The Goal. Our goal is to increase the alumni participation rate from 5% to 10%or better by June 30, 2014. 
  • Every gift counts. Participation is determined according to the number of alumni who give, rather than the amount of their contribution. That means a $10 gift moves the needle just as much as a $10,000 contribution.

Show your love for Dillard by giving!