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earth day darwishPre-Award

•    Cover page
•    Abstract / Proj. Summary
•    S.O.W
•    Supp. Materials
•    Budget+Budget Justification
•    Cost Sharing
•    Release Time
•    Additional Comp. / Extra Comp.

The process for any application for external funding begins with the ORSP Grant Routing Form. The routing form is to be submitted along with the project cover page, abstract, budget, and necessary assurances to the ORSP at least ten (10) business days prior to the submission date.

A quick reference sheet containing selected information about the proposal. The signature of an authorized organizational representative commits the University to carry out the project is received and certifies that statements contained in the proposal are true.

(S.O.W link) 

A full and detailed description of the project usually includes background, goals and objectives, methodology, significance, personal, etc.

(Faculty Release Time  link)

The faculty handbook of Dillard University guides the policy as related to faculty workload.  This policy must be observed at all signatures of appropriate department chairpersons, dean and the provost / VPAA. Release time associated with a sponsored agreement must be requested and approved prior to the submission of the proposal / contact request, and clearly identified within the proposed budget and indicated on the ORSP Routing Form. Faculty Release time charged to federal grants, contracts, or other sponsored agreements, must be calculated using the faculty member’s base salary rate and must be supported by the sponsored agreement.

(Addtl. Compensation link )

However, in rare and unusual cases, additional compensation may be paid to 9 – month faculty on sponsored agreements during the academic year. In accordance with OMB A -21, additional compensation may be provided only in cases where service:   a) involves consultation across departmental lines; b) involves a separate or remote operation; and   c) in such addition to his or her regular departmental load.


•    Post Award Mtg
•    Acct Setup
•    Internal / External Budget Transfers / Mods / revisions
•    Financial Compliance
•    Record Keeping /Retention
•    No Cost Extensions
•    Programmatic / Financial Reporting 

(Interim/Quarterly/final reports link)

The award document identifies the due dates of such reports. The ORSP typically can answer questions about the format of progress reports. The progress report is usually required before the agency will award subsequent year funding.

Award documents typically identify due dates of reports, usually 30 to 90 days after the termination date of the project. The ORSP can answer questions about the format of final reports. In some cases the agency provides a special document.

(Contractual / Consultant  / Sub recipient  Agreements link )
Sub-contracts/Sub-grants are made to the institution from other institutions or entities that serve as prime contractors or grantee to funding agencies or sponsors. Generally, the stipulations governing grants and contracts also apply to sub-awards. Dillard considers Consultant (s) a firm or an individual retained to provide professional advice or services for a fee but not as an employee of the performing organization. Allowable costs include fees, travel, and subsistence cost. All consultant payments are comparable to the normal or customary fees charged and received by the consultant for comparable services on non-government contracts and grants If a contract or consultant agreement is over $5,000, the consultant agreements must go through the Office of Business and Finance Procurement Officer. This process will ensure that the university is compliant with consultant agreements. This office will issue an RFP or provide you with a Sole Source form for contractual services. Consultant agreements will consist of services justification, cost benefit analysis, deliverables rendered, duration of agreement, compensation rate, reporting requirement, and any special terms of the award.

•    Request to draft Subcontract  ( Link )
•    Sub. Evaluation Form (Link)


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