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CIEL - Students & DISCUS Leadership

Student Activities


Service Learning


The Service Learning Component provides international students with an opportunity to collaborate with members of the community outside of Dillard University. For second language learners, this can be extremely helpful in the language acquisition process. Initially, many second language learners are apprehensive about communicating with their academic counterparts. However, they tend to be less reserved when talking to children or members of the elderly population. Hence, as an added proponent, students have the opportunity to take part in one of the following organizations each term:


  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Retirement Homes
  • Food Banks (optional)


DISCUS Leadership Program

  • The Dillard International Campus Unity Service (DISCUS) Leadership Program is a volunteer program that allows domestic students to assume voluntary leadership roles for groups of international students wishing to acquire university student perspectives on American characteristics and New Orleans culture.
  • DISCUS Leadership Program is a fun and exciting way for international students to become acquainted with American students already enrolled at Dillard University. As such, a group of 5 students is led by an American student leader to various sites in the New Orleans area. As part of the learning process, students are able to discuss topics ranging from how to engage in proper American classroom behavior to the latest fads and trends in music and clothes.
  • This program ensures that an indelible connection is made between Dillard University’s current student population and their future international student counterparts.



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