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ACE Learning Communities

What are Freshman Learning Communities?


  • 25-30 students enrolled together in the same courses for their first year
  • Courses centered around a major field of interest
  • Introduction to the university and its resources
  • 4-5 courses that fulfill general education requirements
  • Overview of success strategies and necessary academic skills

Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs) bring together a small group of students (our ideal size is 25) and faculty members to manage the transition from high school to collegiate life. FLCs are a great way to connect with other students who are interested in some of the same things you are, find friendly classmates with whom you can study for quizzes and exams, and connect with a faculty member interested in your academic and personal development during the first semester. All first-year students at Dillard are placed in an FLC upon their entrance to the university and remain with that cohort throughout their first year.




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