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ACE - General Education

What is General Education?


General Education is your academic introduction to the university. This academic introduction is developed primarily through the General Education Curriculum, a set of course requirements that all students at Dillard University, regardless of their major, must meet. The courses offered in the General Education curriculum provide diverse perspectives and help you acquire the skills essential to university-level learning. Most students complete the General Education curriculum by the end of their sophomore year.



Why are you required to take General Education courses?


Dillard University's mission is to produce graduates who excel, become world leaders, are broadly educated, culturally aware, and concerned with improving the human condition. In order to be broadly educated, Dillard requires its undergraduate students to take the General Education courses listed below. We have a deep conviction that living a successful and satisfying life demands a wide range of skills and knowledge. Whatever your area of specialization or career plan, you will need the skills to reason logically and quantitively, and to communicate effectively. Further, as a consumer and citizen you will need to have an understanding of the ideas and cultural movements that shape our values, the ways in which humans organize and govern their socities, and the sciences that explain and increasingly shape our environment.




General Education Curriculum








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