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College of Arts and Sciences

Professional Schools Building


The College of Arts and Sciences consists of the following Schools:



The School of the Humanities comprises the branches of learning concerned with systems of thought based on the nature, dignity, interests, expressions, ideas and values of humankind. The academic and creative field of the Humanities owes much to the work of the ancient Egyptians, who laid the philosophical foundation later adopted and expanded upon by the ancient Greeks and other, later societies. The field of the Humanities at Dillard University encompasses ancient philosophical foundations and modern modes of inquiry, such as computer-based research and interdisciplinary projects. The study of the Humanities emphasizes creativity and critical thinking skills, which are necessary attributes in both academe and in the workplace. The School also emphasizes culture from a global perspective as expressed in literature and the creative arts. Majors are offered in the following areas: Art, English, Mass Communication, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Theater Arts, World Languages, Arts Management, Music/Business, and Japanese Studies.



The School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), in the tradition of liberal arts education, strives to offer a broad spectrum of courses and experiences for students. The programs are designed with careful attention to the needs of the students, the professional preparation of the faculty, and the resources and purposes of the College. The hallmark of the programs has long been its commitment to providing a quality education for students in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. Thus, the School seeks to satisfy the needs of students that:

  • Plan to major in STEM disciplines.
  • Seek to satisfy basic science requirements for entering graduate, medical, dental, pharmacy, engineering, chiropractic and other profession schools.
  • Plan to compete successfully in the job market.
  • Require natural science courses to support majors in other disciplines. 


The School of Social Sciences is committed to producing graduates who are thoroughly grounded in the finest traditions of the liberal arts and social sciences. This School strives to help students to understand themselves and the world around them within a broad intellectual and ethical perspective, shaped by the African American commitment to social justice and community empowerment. Each major in the School endeavors to teach critical thinking, clear expository writing, the latest academic research skills, and a global awareness to successfully compete in the 21st century occupational marketplace.


Bachelor of Arts Degrees are awarded in the following majors: African World Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology with a Concentration in Criminal Justice or Concentration in Social Work, Urban Studies and Public Policy.



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