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Public Health Core Courses

PBH 103    Community & Environmental Health    
PBH 202    Epidemiology
PBH 305    Seminar in Public Health
PBH 307    Research Methodology
PBH 306    Scientific Communication
PBH 401    Health Program Planning and Evaluation
PBH 402    Public Health Internship I
PBH 403    Public Health Internship II
PBH 406    Public Health Law

Public Health – Health Systems Management

PBH 205    Introduction to Health Systems Management
PBH 302    Health Care Management and Decision Making
PBH 405    Leadership Theory and Practice
MKT 313    Principles of Marketing
FIN 321    Risk & Insurance Management
ACC 211    Principles of Accounting I
ACC 212    Principles of Accounting II
BM  311    Principles of Management
BM 312    Human Resources Management
CS  318    Management of Information Systems    
FIN 303    Principles of Finance

Public Health – Community Health Education

PBH 201    Principles of Nutrition
PBH 203    Mass Communications in Public Health
PBH 206    Introduction to Community Health Education
PBH 301    Needs Assessment in Public Health
PBH 303    Theoretical Foundations of Health Education
PBH 404    Current and Consumer Health Issues

Public Health – Health Sciences

(Pre-Physical Therapy & Pre-Occupational Therapy)
PBH 207    Introduction to Allied Health
PBH 305    Seminar in Public Health
PSY 213    Psychology of the Personality
PSY 204    Human Growth and Development
PE 202    Exercise Physiology
PE 310    Kinesiology
PE 402    Abnormal Physiology
BIO 418    Human Physiology

Public Health Electives

PBH 409    Public Health Research I
PBH 410    Public Health Research II
PBH 411    Public Health Research III




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