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Why Study Public Health?

Want to study something exciting and be on the cutting edge? Do you care about your health and the health of your community?


If you want variety in courses and career options, enjoy promoting disease prevention, and are looking for excitement in school, then an undergraduate degree in public health is a great choice.


A degree in public health brings job security. Public health workers will always be needed, and the broad scope of the field allows you to broaden your horizons as well.


As an undergraduate student, you can study and test ways to reduce infectious and chronic diseases. You can create digital maps of a recent influenza outbreak, or interview a local community to learn what barriers may prevent people from using a local clinic. Your options are fascinating -- and endless.


Why pursue a career in public health?

  • Public health is an exciting and growing field of study. The field challenges its professionals to confront complex health issues, such as improving access to health care, controlling infectious disease, and reducing environmental hazards, violence, substance abuse and injury.
  • Public health is a diverse and dynamic field. Public Health professionals come from varying educational backgrounds and can specialize in an array of fields. A host of specialists, including teachers, journalists, researchers, administrators, environmentalists, demographers, social workers, laboratory scientists, and attorneys, work to protect the health of the public.
  • Public health is a field geared toward serving others. Public health professionals serve local, national, and international communities. They are leaders who meet the many exciting challenges in protecting the public's health today and in the future.
  • Public health is a rewarding field. The field of public health offers great personal fulfillment -- working toward improving people's health and well being is a meaningful day's work.

Who should consider a degree in public health?


Public health offers an abundance of job opportunities to suit a variety of interests and skills. Whether you're interested in crunching numbers, conducting research, or working with people, there is a place for you in the field of public health. Recent college graduates and public health veterans alike have something to offer and to gain in this field. Public health is ideal for those that gain satisfaction knowing that they are working to improve the lives of others.

Guidebooks for the Public Health Professional


Milestones in Public Health - Milestones in Public Health is a journey through the seminal accomplishments in the field of public health during the 20th century, as well as an inquisitive - and hopefully - inspirational look at the next set of challenges faced by our nation’s public health system.


The Faces of Public Health - To celebrate the work of the public health community and to put a face on the thousands of individuals who have committed their lives to the safety and health of our society, Pfizer is pleased to publish The Faces of Public Health.


The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Public Health - Pfizer is pleased to present this guide to careers in public health and hope to bring to life the myriad roles and responsibilities this dynamic field offers.


Careers in Public Health, An Introduction for Master's Level Students, by UAB School of Public Health- This booklet serves as the introduction to the year-long series of programs designed to prepare you for your public health career. Please read this booklet before our first offering (September).




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