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About the College of Business

College of Business


The College of Business operates within a cultural environment that is “student centered” and exemplifies the family orientation of Dillard University.


Our Mission


Through outstanding instruction, scholarship and service, the College of Business develops creative, problem-solving leaders dedicated to improving the world’s communities. To thrive in a global business environment, graduates will be professionally competent, ethically aware, and socially conscious.


To achieve our mission, the College Business depends on its well-qualified faculty with more than 100 years of combined teaching experience. Most of the faculty members have terminal degrees and are extremely qualified to deliver outstanding instruction in their respective disciplines. Our delivery mechanisms include lecture/discussion, experiential learning, role playing, simulation, cooperative learning, collaborative learning, demonstrations, and problem-based learning. We have also integrated computer technology into the learning process through our hybrid and online course offerings.     


Our Vision


To produce the next generation of globally conscious business leaders.


This vision reflects our goal to position the College of Business as a leader in providing global business education in New Orleans. This positioning takes advantage of New Orleans’ location as a port city. Additionally, it addresses the need for graduates with global knowledge to address the competitive environment of the 21st century.


Our Values


Our values are anchored in our mission statement and they include producing graduates that symbolize professional competency, ethical awareness, and social consciousness.


Professional Competency: First and foremost, students need to possess the professional skills necessary to compete in business. These professional skills encompass academic preparation, career readiness, and an emphasis on the ability to continue learning, even outside the classroom.


Ethical Awareness: We live in an increasingly complex ethical environment. The College of Business exposes students to various ethical frameworks and equips them with the tools to successfully navigate difficult ethical situations. We prepare our students to enter the workforce with a strong sense of honesty, integrity and courage to avoid the common pitfalls which have challenged so many.


Social Consciousness: More than ever, the global business environment requires leaders who are concerned not only with profit as a bottom line, but who are willing to confront difficult social issues. We seek to provide opportunities for students to develop an awareness of the various social issues in the society and challenge them to think critically when evaluating and offering business solutions.   


Our Organizational Structure

College of Business Organizational Structure


2601 Gentilly Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

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