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Title III

Research Business CenterTitle III Programs have always been a major source of support for Historically Blacks Colleges and Universities, and Dillard is no exception. Dillard has received Title III funding under part B of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by the Higher Education Act of 1986 for over 25 years. Dillard’s Title III funds have supported many programs including ITT, the University Honors Programs, Mass Communications, the Center for the First Year Experience, Bioscience and Research, International Business, Undergraduate Research, Business Curriculum, Academic Enrichment, Strengthening University Excellence, Dillard’s One-Card System, QEP Implementation, and Administration and Implementation. These programs have generated Institutes, Laboratories, Centers, Personnel, Publications and Programs.


The Title III Programs play a vital role on Dillard’s Campus. Title III supports 12 activities on campus. They are as follows:
1. Institutional Information Technology & Telecommunications
Activity Coordinator: Anthony Smart

2. The Center for Student Performance
Activity Coordinator: Henrietta Harris

3. The Center of Bioscience and Research
Activity Coordinator: John Wilson

4. The Center of International Business and Global Studies
Activity Coordinator: Christian Fugar

5. Research and Development Infrastructure
Activity Coordinator: Theodore Callier
6. Administration and Implementation
 Activity Coordinator: Nichele Harper

7. Business Curriculum
Activity Coordinator: Christian Fugar

8. Academic Enrichment
Activity Coordinator: David Taylor

9. Enhancing ITT and Web Design
Activity Coordinator: Anthony Smart

10. Strengthening University Excellence
Activity Coordinator: Walter Strong

11. Dillard’s One-Card System
Activity Coordinator: Anthony Smart

12. QEP Implementation
Activity Coordinator: Phyllis Dawkins
















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