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What is the Follett ACCESS textbook program?


Follett ACCESS is a partnership between Dillard University and the Dillard University Bookstore that will help all students start on the first day of class with all the course materials needed to be successful here at Dillard University. The charge is posted directly to your Dillard tuition and fees bill and can be paid along with your university charges or using financial aid.




What is the benefit of participating in the program?


The Follett Access textbook program helps all students start on day one with all the required materials needed to be successful in the classroom. Studies show students who don’t have their required course materials on the first day of class may be at a disadvantage. We want all Bleu Devils playing on the same field, so we are offering this program to all students.The goal of this program is to improve your success in the classroom and overall here at Dillard.




How do I access my materials?


If the course is offered through Follett ACCESS, you’ll receive an email from the Dillard Bookstore the week before classes begin. This email will have a subject line of “Activate Your Digital Content,” which will contain an activation link, or “Your Digital Books Have Arrived,” which will contain an access code.


If your email contains an access code, login to your course in Moodle and follow your instructors’ directions to register your code.


If you need your textbooks shipped please email and include your name, student ID number, student email address and correct shipping address.



Accessing through Follett Discover Access?

 A student can also get to the bookshelf by clicking the link in Follett Discover Access for BryteWave. This link acts just like the LTI link and will pass that student into their BryteWave Shelf.



Accessing through the course in the campus Learning Management System (LMS)?

• If the professor has added the RedShelf BryteWave link in their LMS, then that link will send the student into their BryteWave account / shelf. If they haven’t created an account at this time, they would need to complete their BryteWave account setup. If they follow the link after order release has provisioned the material, that student’s books should already be on their shelf.


Accessing through an auto-provision email?

• BrtyeWave (RedShelf) will be provisioned to the student’s academic email address. This will create an account for the student that they can log into on the BryteWave login and find the preloaded material.


The login URL for BryteWave is now located at:


While they can get in at the URL, they may have to request a password change if they don’t follow the activation link that was emailed to them. So, all ACCESS provisioned students will receive an email that looks like this sample (or advance to last page for image). If the student clicks the link in the email, it will pass them into their BryeWave shelf (which is the same as if they logged in at the login URL) and will be able to complete an account set up. (set password, etc.)


If your course requires courseware/homework solutions (formerly access codes), login into Canvas and follow your instructor’s instructions. No code is needed but you do need to use your Dillard.EDU email for accessing the material.




How do I know if my books are provided by Follett ACCESS?


All students are on this program if you are enrolled at Dillard University.

You will receive an email from Dillard University describing the program and benefits, followed by an email from the Dillard Bookstore indicating whether your materials are ready to be picked up in the bookstore OR if it is available in your digital bookshelf.




What will the charge look like on my Dillard bill?


A charge will appear on your Dillard bill for the Dillard Bookstore – Follett ACCESS. The charge will appear under the description of your bill. You can pay through the Dillard portal, or Student Accounting website, or allow it to be covered by your financial aid when it disperses.




What happens if I drop a course?


  • If you drop a course then the digital ebook access will be removed and if you have picked up a physical book then you will need to return it back to the bookstore by the add/drop period to avoid being charged extra fees for non-return.
    • Who do I contact if I have questions about Follett ACCESS?


If you have questions, you can email or call 504-816-4299.

  • How do I opt out of Follett ACCESS?


  • Each semester you will have until the posted date of ADD/DROP on the academic calendar to opt out.  Please click here if you choose to opt out. 
  • Fees being refunded on your Dillard account will not take place until after the add/drop date for each semester.


    • How do I purchase materials from the bookstore if I’ve opted out?


Even if you have opted out of the Follett ACCESS program, you can still purchase your required items from the bookstore. We know students who opt out may still need to use financial aid or scholarships in the bookstore. Please note, many of our items are custom priced for Follett ACCESS from publishers, and will be a different price than what is on the bookstore’s website. Some items --like physical books -- are readily available at the bookstore. Some, though, like courseware products (for example McGraw Connect and Pearson Mylab) may need to be special ordered for you. If you would like to purchase your materials from the bookstore off of the Follett ACCESS program, we ask that you please click here to fill out our informational form, and someone from the bookstore will contact you directly to set that up. This will ensure you get your materials as quickly as possible, even if we need to order in a special item. We will work with you to get you the materials you need, even if you are unable to come to the store.







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