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Crime Prevention Tips


The Dillard University Police Department is responsible for all law enforcement and emergencies on campus. All crimes and emergencies should be reported to DUPD. Our headquarters is located on Virgil Street behind the Will W. Alexander Library.


Report to DUPD if you see any of the following:


Suspicious activity around campus.


Suspicious people entering campus illegally via jumping the fence, sliding through fenced areas or exiting out the trunk of vehicles on campus.


Subjects moving from vehicle to vehicle pulling door handles.


Unwanted subjects in or around the residential halls.



Do not wait to contact DUPD. Contact should be made as soon as you observe any suspicious activity. Note that DUPD asks callers questions. This is so our officers can have an accurate understanding of the incident:  the location, how many people were involved in the reported incident, clothing description, vehicle description, if a weapon is involved, plus additional information that the officer will need to best serve you. An officer will be dispatched to the location as information continues to be collected.


Personal Safety Tips


Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you, especially if it's dark or you are alone.


Stay in well-lit areas when walking around campus or from hall to hall.


Make eye contact with people when walking, but avoid responding to conversation from strangers.


Hold backpacks and other items securely and close to your body when walking.


Walk with confidence and at a steady pace; never seem to others that you are lost or confused about your surroundings.

If someone grabs your purse or backpack and takes off with it, LET THEM. No object is worth more than your life. Report the crime immediately to the police.


Never leave your purse or wallet in plain view.


Engrave personal property with identifying markings to help you identify it if it is stolen.


Do not leave cash or valuables in unsecured areas, a thief takes less than a minute to steal your


If you work alone or before or after normal business hours, keep the office door locked.


If you work late and do not feel comfortable contact DUPD for a safety escort to your vehicle or on
campus resident.


Secure your bike or vehicle at all times.


Park your vehicle in well-lit areas.


When leaving your vehicle, make sure your valuables are out of sight.


Have your keys ready when you are going to your vehicle so that you do not linger at your car door.


Check the back seat before entering your vehicle.


If you think another car is following you, drive to a public place.


Avoid isolated bus stops.


Do not open your wallet or purse while boarding the bus; have your pass or money already in your hand.


If you are housed at SUNO add the below contact information to your cell alone with DUPD information.


Call the SUNO Police Department 24/7 duty phone at 504-884-1769 to speak with an officer if you have a concern/complaint on campus. We collaborate with SUNO PD to ensure your safety.


If you are dropped off at the SUNO main gate and do not feel safe walking to your residence hall, contact SUNO to request an escort from the gate to your resident. SUNO PD will transport you to the residence hall.


How to Report a Crime on Campus


The Dillard University Police Department is responsible for all law enforcement and emergencies on campus. It is the policy of Dillard University that all emergencies or crimes in progress, suspicious circumstances, or conditions that pose a threat to safety or security of community members or guests of the university while on campus should be reported immediately to Dillard Police. 


Reporting can be done quickly by calling 911 on any campus phone, using any "blue light" emergency telephones on campus, in person at the University Police office or directly to an officer in the field.


If using any cell phone or off campus phone, please call Dillard University Police at 504-816-4911/

504-816-5310 or extension 5310 from any campus phone.


Dillard University Police Department
2601 Gentilly Blvd
Virgil Street
New Orleans, LA 70122
Phone: 504-816-5310
Administrative Fax: 504-816-4954
New Orleans Police Department 911
New Orleans Non Emergencies 504-822-2222
Crime Stoppers 504-822-1111
Orleans Parish Sheriff Office 504-822-8000
New Orleans Fire Department 911


Safety in the Residential Halls

Do not prop open exterior residence doors. Meet the visitors at the door.

Remember to always lock your door when you leave and even when you are inside.


Avoid leaving messages on your door describing your departing or returning times. This can alert
potential thieves to your absence.


Refrain from leaving such things as backpacks, laptops, cell phones, or textbooks in unattended communal areas. Even if it is for just a minute, it is all the time a thief needs to take your belongings.


Report suspicious people, including door to door sales people to DUPD.


Do not leave large sums of money, jewelry, or valuable items in your room/apartment. Try keeping
them out of sight.


Do not tamper with door locking mechanisms. Never use tape, pins, etc. to keep the door from locking


Do not loan your university resident keys to anyone. Lending your keys to someone, even a friend, is a
violation of Housing policy.




2601 Gentilly Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

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