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Learn More About AIE

AIE provides FREE Financial Coaching to Dillard University students.  AIE coaches are available to help students with tools, resource and information on various financial topics to help student get prepared for the future.  Students can access Financial Coaching at  Read more...


Financial Coaching Helps Students Understand Finances


The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships has collaborated with an organization called Trellis Company to address several initiatives that will benefit our students.  One of the initiatives they are assisting us with is Financial Literacy/Coaching.  This free service can help your students understand and manage their finances.


Trellis Financial Coaches are available to help students (individually, confidentially) with budgeting, saving, and student loan repayment. Additionally, our coaches can help students understand financial aid and how to pay for college, credit reporting and credit scores, expected starting salary, and how to calculate living expenses in various areas of the country.


During the confidential one-on-one session, Trellis coaches will discuss the student’s unique situation, introduce tools and resources, as well as provide support, motivation, and accountability to help students make informed financial decisions and develop a plan to help achieve their goals.  


Coaches introduce students to tools such as spending plans, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, loan repayment calculators, FAFSA, NSLDS, websites like Trellis’ public service website, and more.


The coaching team has compiled resource guides that can assist students with referrals to campus resources, local food pantries, health services, low-cost childcare, and other services if needed.


The coaching sessions are held virtually using Zoom.  This technology lets students and their coaches see each other and share documents during the session.  Financial coaching session lasts about an hour and students can schedule as many sessions as needed if the student and coach agree that the student continues to benefit. 


A few examples of students who can benefit from coaching include incoming freshman, graduating seniors, loan recipients, students in First Year Experience Courses (coaching can be a class assignment), Emergency Grant/aid or institutional aid recipients.


Take advantage of this FREE service that will prove to be beneficial to all Dillard University Students.  Prepare now for the future!





























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