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Parents' Information



Thank you for your interest in Dillard University. The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at Dillard University strives to make the financial aid process as smooth as possible.  For most of our students, parents play such an important role and are vital partners in the financial aid application process.  Having a child go through the college application and decision process is an exciting time for all involved.  I understand and realize the importance of a student selecting the college or university of his or her choice, deciding on a major and looking forward to obtaining a degree.  So often finance is the deciding factor where the student will attend. A college education is a significant investment, and it makes sense to weigh tuition, fees and other expenses against future potential earnings.


Dillard University offers the very best of educational programs, a comparatively reasonable cost of tuition and other expenses.  In the U.S. News Education, Dillard University is ranked in the top 20 of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


Here in the Financial Aid Office, we administer aid on the basis of merit and need which includes Institutional Aid (Scholarships, Grants and Awards), Federal, State and Private Awards, Grants, Scholarships, Loans and Job opportunities (on and off campus).


While we place priority on need-based aid, we are also committed to recruiting outstanding students and offering merit-based awards. We offer many merit scholarships to highly qualified first-year students each year. There is no separate application to be considered for these scholarships; students are automatically considered for scholarships on the basis of their application for admission.  We enjoy working with our new, transfer, enrolled and re-entry students to counsel them on financial aid opportunities and to help them seek other scholarships available at Dillard.


Our website will help guide you through the process. There are many resources displayed to help you plan and make decisions. Please keep in mind that it is important for the student to also be involved in the entire process.


Please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or in person if you have any questions or concerns.



Denise Spellman





Applying for Financial Aid




                       Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS): 


Often families need additional financial aid to assist with financing educational expenses; therefore, parents may apply for PLUS. This loan is contingent upon credit approval and the student's parent (biological or adopted) must complete this process online at with the Department of Education by completing the PLUS application and promissory note.  Here are the steps:


1) Complete and return the Dillard University Parent Loan Request Form (see Documents and Forms to the left of this page).

2) Go to to complete the PLUS Application and Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the specific semester and/or award year.  You can begin the PLUS process at by mid-April for the next school year.

3) Log in using your (the parent's) Federal Student Aid ID - username and password.  

4) Once you have completed the process, the Department of Education will inform you if you have been approved or denied. They will also provide information to Dillard regarding your application status. 


If the PLUS is denied:  In the event the PLUS is denied due to credit reasons, you will have the option to:


       - Appeal the credit decision.

       - Apply with a co-endorser (You will need to complete an Entrance Counseling Session).

       - Submit a Non Co-Endorser Form (see Documents and Forms to the left) in order for the student to be considered for

         additional funding through the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan.




Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


FERPA establishes certain rights for students regarding the privacy of their education record.  While parents/guardians/spouses/and others may have an interest in the student's record, access to and the release of educational record is done with written consent from the student.  Students may choose to complete and submit a "FERPA Release Form" in the Office of Records and Registration, located in Rosenwald Hall, Room 116, to allow access of their record.







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