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No Contact & Retaliation


A No Contact Order can be put into place between two people on Dillard’s campus. It is one of the supportive measures that the Title IX office can offer to a student who has experienced an incident. The student does not need to file a formal complaint to request a No Contact Order. The order will be issued via email and will direct the involved parties to cease and desist all contact with each other including in person, by email, by phone, by social media, and by proxy. By proxy contact is when a friend of one of the involved parties makes contact with the other party on his/her behalf.


Dillard’s Title IX Policy asks anyone who feels that they have been the victim of retaliation to report that to the Title IX Office. Retaliation is when someone who is a witness to or the victim of an incident feels pressured to not report the incident or not to serve as a witness in a Title IX process because of possible harm or repercussions. Dillard takes seriously any reports of behavior that is designed to prevent someone from sharing their truthful account of an incident or situation.


Please go to our on-campus resources page to contact the Title IX Coordinator.















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